Instant Film Feedback (IFF)

You may have seen the recent announcement from the Palo Alto International Film Festival and Kaazing about the first ever Instant Film Feedback (IFF) solution that was unveiled at the Festival in Palo Alto, California.

Film Festivals around the world would love to get instant feedback on the movies that are showcased. A few months ago we learned that current voting solutions fall short. Feedback is neither instant nor simple.

Festival voting is still a manual process. At some venues, festivalgoers tear a corner off of a paper ballot and deposit it into a ballot box. Then festival personnel count, and recount, the votes. Sometimes votes cannot be counted: 2 corners are torn off, a corner is only partially torn, etc. Manual voting slows down results.

We believed there had to be a better way of voting.

Why not develop a real-time system that is secure and reliable? Better yet, why not a voting system where festivalgoers can vote using their smartphone or tablet?

The Palo Alto International Film Festival staff loved the proposal, and this is where the story begins for Instant Film Feedback (IFF). Working closely with the PAIFF staff, we developed the workflow for a real-time voting application that uses Kaazing technology as a foundation for the Mobile and Web communications, and the application experience is completely tailored for the event.

Want to see IFF in action?

But wait, there’s more.

PAIFF and Kaazing also wanted to keep the audience engaged before movies started, so we developed an interactive quiz application where the audience can answer questions and see, in-real time, how much they and their fellow festivalgoers really know about movies. Results are displayed simultaneously on their smartphone and the theater’s movie screen. Why are we so excited about this? Just imagine where else an instant feedback application could be applied?

Real Time Surveys: Imagine the situation where an organization would like to poll an audience by sending tens, or even hundreds, of interviewers into the field to gather a target market’s immediate feedback. As the interviews take place, the organization can get real-time feedback on the answers the interviewers get. Depending on the answers of each individual interviewee, combined with the answers of all others interviews taking place at the same time, the organization can change the flow of questions on the fly to gather better intelligence, tailored to the instant profiling of interviewees. Now that is what I would call real-time adaptive analytics. This of course can be applied to any industry or organization, civil or military.

Real Time Polls: Ever watch American Idol or Dancing with the Stars? We wait days or weeks to get the results of the audience voting. Why wait so long? Would it not be better to open the voting and watch the results stream in right on your TV? If your favorite contestant is falling behind you can pick up your phone and cast your vote right then to turn the tide in their favor.

I can only anticipate that voting would increase tremendously. The show producers may have a different perspective on this. They love to make you linger until the next week. After all their goal is to sell more advertising, but that is a different problem. Of course, we are not advocating any changes that would turn the entertainment industry business model upside-down.

But wait, isn’t that what a disruptive technology does?

Second Screen Experience: Have you ever watched a movie or TV show where you would like to learn more about an actor, a city, or perhaps a product right there as you watch? Or for a football game, have you ever wanted to bet on a Field Goal – when the ball was in the air? This is where we are headed. Some of Kaazing’s customers have built applications that do just that. The interesting part is that there are only seconds before the player kicks the ball and potentially thousands, or hundred of thousands of viewers may want to place their bets. Think of how many millions of people watch the Olympics or the World Cup. Kaazing shines when there are only seconds at play, and a large number of viewers want to interact with a Mobile or Web application.

These are just a few examples on how Kaazing enables new and exciting Web applications that were just not possible using legacy or traditional Web technologies. The world has changed and the depth and range of user expectations have increased dramatically. Kaazing’s technology is scalable, secure and always on, so that companies and organizations can bet their business on it. There is a reason why major global investment banks chose Kaazing several years ago to power their Web and Mobile applications and why the Palo Alto International Film Festival is trusting us to manage real-time voting for the Kaazing Audience Award.

If you are near Palo Alto this weekend (September 27th-30th, 2012) come see IFF for yourself, and you can watch a great movie to two also. If you are not near Palo Alto, be sure to check As each movie ends you will see real-time audience voting results. You may learn about a movie that the audience loves.

Written by:

Manuel Hoffman, VP of Business Development
Peter Moskovits, Sr. Developer Evangelist

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